“A Lighted Cross Project”


A mission of Providence Baptist Church

Lightedcross.org was started in 2012 after the ACLU forced the small town of Bentonia, Mississippi to take down two 10′ X 20′ lighted crosses from their water tower. The town spent the next year raising funds to place two new, brighter crosses on a private communications tower thirty feet higher in the air than the original crosses. Now the new crosses seem suspended in mid-air at night and are a great inspiration to the citizens of Bentonia and everyone who passes the town during the night. The lighted crosses also remind us that we can fight back against the ACLU or anyone else attempting to tear down our Christian heritage one cross at a time.

The cross is a reminder of what Christ did for all mankind in humble obedience to God the Father. By placing lighted crosses along our nation’s highways it is our prayer that they will provide a witness to those who do not yet know Christ and a blessing to those who do. To that end, the Lighted Cross’s mission is to place lighted Christian crosses on private property along highways wherever God leads. Lighted crosses are now on Highway 49 at Bentonia, Little Yazoo and Yazoo City, Mississippi.

You may join this mission project in one of the following ways:

Donate to lightedcross.org at the bottom of this page using a credit card

Send a check to Providence Baptist Church (mark for lighted cross project),
618 Magnolia Street, Madison, MS 39110

Begin a lighted cross mission project in your area

How to plan, fund and build a lighted cross

You may contact us thru this website for helpful information by using the “email” below.

Lift up the lighted cross for all the world to see!

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If you donate by credit card on this site a receipt will be emailed to you.
If you donate by check a receipt will be mailed to you. There are no salaries.
One hundred percent of your donation will be used to build and maintain lighted crosses.